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A view at no-code tools from engineers

Today with the last episode of season 1 for Community Finder. And it's a special episode because I'm talking about something exciting. Today together with Mariam the Founder of Softr the no-code website builder, we talked about no-code movement from the perspective of software engineers and how it can improve the live of the engineers.

Managing Indie stack community with a full time job with Yaro

On Episode 11 together with Yaroslaw we talked about how to build paid community and why he decided to start 2 side projects. Do you think how much time it takes to manage a community and podcast all while having a full time job and a newborn? What are 2 main advices for newsletter creators? How important it is to have many revenue streams? All this we will take in todays episode.

On community building and McDonald's pricing with Marc

Today with Marc we talked about how community building was for him. We talked about how the tech and startup scene rapidly evolved during the last 10 years and what has changed. Also how one of his products BetaList was created a fun little story on how the most unexpected thing works. Did you know that McDonalds can help you with your pricing strategy?

Talking platform responsibility and community safety with Melanie

Welcome to Community Finder podcast 9th episode. Today my guest is Melanie Founder and CEO of Panion. We're talking about how important is platform responsibility and how important is to have a safe space to meet people.

Exploring investment communities with Amandine

Together with Amandine we are exploring the idea of VC scouts who are they and also talking about investment communities and how to access them.

Interview with Neil Lobo of Intravert

In this episode with Neil, we talk about how advertising works with big tech companies, how content is ranked behind the scenes. Also how Intravert can help community builders to monetize their website ad space.

On Community Moderation and Reddit

In this episode with Maggie, we're discussing how community moderations work, how influencer marketing is not working anymore.

The beauty communities during Covid-19

In this episode with Maggie, Anna talks about beauty communities, and how the industry can come back after COVID-19.

Content curation vs algorithms

Hey, did you noticed that content curation is becoming more popular? In this episode, I'm alone and I'll be talking about how content curation is becoming trend and why. Also drawing some parallels between content curation and algorithms.

Community first product development with Dan

What is it like to build a product as a software engineer? It's hard and full of dilemmas. On this episode with Dan, we talked about content creation and how podcasting is getting a boost from the recent Joe Rogan's deal. Podcasting is really frustrating industry as there are a few actually good resources on it. Caster Community is trying to fill that gap of knowledge, together with CasterKit and Clips.

On communities shaping themselves

Episode number two on air! Thanks for coming back, and if you're new here, hey, I'm Anna. I'm founder of Community Finder and you're listening to the podcast that I'm hosting. Today my guest is David, the founder of Indie club community. We have a short but interesting talk on how his marketing agency helped him to create a community for indie hackers and bootstrapers.

Creating community for Serial Marketers

It's the first episode of Community Finder. Today we're talking with David, the founder of community Serial Marketers. In this episode we discussed how the David's inspired him to create the community and how his community is hooking people with curated quality content.

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