What is this podcast?

This podcast is for everyone who likes communities. It doesn't matter do you want to build one, or do you like being part of it. 
  1. How much time it takes to manage community?
  2. What are the growth strategies that builders use?
  3. What is the "spark" that gathers people together?
These are just some of the questions I want to answer.

What is Community finder?

Community finder is an ecosystem where:
  1. anyone can discover online communities for their interests,
  2. community builders can find support and products that will help them during the building process.
Who am I?

Hey, I'm Anna, software developer and product person with 7 years of experience. I love hiking, reading books and Aaron Sorkin's films. 

However, right now I'm here to help you find community for you, and build community for your audience. 
2020 Community Finder